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Thank you for visiting Kitchen Sprints — a journal of my family’s food adventures.

Hi, I'm Sudha.


I'm a UX Design Leader, now trying my hand at food blogging.


One of the things that brings me joy is cooking for my family and friends. My approach to cooking is to understand my audiences’ preferences, to be resourceful with what I have on hand, and to draw a recipe from my inspiration (which means there’s no following of a recipe). I’ve learned from over two decades of preparing food that we can create some of the best tasting food with the simplest of ingredients (as Samin Nosrat elegantly puts it in her book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat).


I've been a life long vegetarian but what I cook is not limited to vegetables (both my husband and son are meat eaters). I apply my foundational knowledge of cooking methods & balanced tastes to create something tasty — whether I’m cooking a weekday meal for my family or a feast for a large gathering. ​

The name “Kitchen Sprints” was inspired by my profession, User Experience Design. As a UX practitioner, one of the frameworks I use to solve complex problems is called the Design Sprint. Because of this influence, it felt apt that we name our “Chopped!”-style food challenges “Kitchen Sprints.” Every week, a basket of surprise ingredients is presented to me, and within the challenge parameters, I have to creatively come up with a great tasting final product. 

Follow me along with these adventures as I explore, experiment, create, learn, and share my experiences with you every week!

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